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HF Battering Ram Rig (HAVE TO TRY IT!)

HF Battering Ram Rig (HAVE TO TRY IT!)

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The HF Battering Ram 

A skirt-less bladed jig with a Hendrix Whippin' Swim for a trailer.... The name "Battering Ram" is a perfect fit for this Rig because the amount of side to side action this combo has is unmatched! 

- When retrieving, this rig will swim like a very injured minnow/bait fish jumping side to side more and more depending on your retrieval speed. 

Rig Contains: 

- 1 Skirt-less Bladed Jig 

- 1 Pre Mounted Whipin' Swimmer ( CUT DOWN 1/4" for 3/8 oz BLADED JIG ) 

- 1 Back up Whipin' Swimmer 

Available in: 

Color(s) - Boo & G.P Wonka (Additional Colors Coming ) 

Size(s) - 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz 

Hook Size :

3/8 oz - 4/0

1/2 oz- 5/0

While testing this product 10+ Fish were caught on just one Combo including toothy Chain Pickerel with minor damage or effects to the action! 

The Battering Ram flat out catches Fish! 


Hand Crafted in the USA! 

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