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Hendrix Fishing Co.

Voodoo Blade (Tungsten)

Voodoo Blade (Tungsten)

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Voodoo Blade - Premium Tungsten Bladed Jigs 

By: Hendrix Fishing Company LLC. 

Weights Available: 

- 3/8 oz (3/0 hook) 

-1/2 oz (4/0 hook) 

-3/4 (4/0 hook) 

- 1 oz (5/0 hook) 

Assembled in the USA 

These bladed Jigs also known as Voodoo Blades are made in house, wire tied to our best abilities for a longer lasting skirt! All bladed jigs come paired with razor sharp Mustad Hooks! 

These TUNGSTEN jigs bring you more sensitivity, a smaller profile per weight ratio compared to lead, environmentally friendly and a higher quality material that will last you longer over time. 

** We're sorry that the price of our Tungsten jigs are so high... Tungsten is a very expensive and high quality material that is very hard to get your hands on. However, these are very high quality jigs that are assembled and packaged both by hand. We work as a Family here at Hendrix Fishing Co. to bring you the highest quality goods for the best price possible. *** 

Thank you for your support! 

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Customer Reviews

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Grady Hutchins
The heat

Very small and compact perfect while still giving off that heavy thump also great hook size not to big easy to pair with your favorite trailer