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Hendrix Fishing Co.

Uncle Randy 2.5

Uncle Randy 2.5

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Hendrix Fishing Company - Custom Painted in the USA

Crank baits are a staple in many anglers tackle boxes. The Hendrix Fishing 2.5 Crank bait is very unique in many ways. With its life-like action under water, tight wobble and Custom painted by hand designs your next fishing experience will be electrified with these bad boys! 

Here at Hendrix we paint the lures by hand, fine tune the components and add the best hardware to ensure your catch does not get away. 

Lets look at the specs: 

Dive Depth: 2-5 Feet

Dive depth will vary depending on your retrieve speed.

This Crank bait floats - On a retrieve pause your Crank bait will slowly rise to the surface. 

Size :

Length - 2.5 Inches 

Weight - .5 ounces 

Hook Size - #4 Treble 

Hook Brand - MUSTAD 

Additional Option: 

Available also in our 1.5 Inch Model 

Custom requests can be emailed to 

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