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Hendrix Fishing Co.

3.25 Whisker Biscuit Chunk

3.25 Whisker Biscuit Chunk

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3.25" Whisker Biscuit by Hendrix Fishing Co. 

This retro soft plastic will add bulk and movement to your jig enhancing the chance of a bite. Plastic chunk trailers for jigs have been an easy, inexpensive and effective substitute for pork trailers for years. The tough plastic of the Hendrix Whisker Biscuit stays on the hook well and the plethora  colors will match most popular jig colors including our in house lineup of bladed jigs. Try different colors on your jig for new appearances and contrasts. Adding a Whisker Biscuit Chunk to a spinner bait will add bulk and enable you to slow down the retrieve speed for those slow moving bass. 

We encourage you to grab a few color variations as you will want to rotate colors based off Weather/Water conditions and the overall preference of the fish you're targeting on any given day. 

Scent? No worries, these come scented in our special blend of Anise.

Length: 3.25 Inches

Qty Per Pack: 8

Scented with Anise  


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