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Hendrix Fishing Co.

4" Bustin Hogs

4" Bustin Hogs

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4" Bustin Hogs by Hendrix Fishing Co. 

Bustin Hogs are a part of the family considered one of the most popular of the new generation of 'creature baits' on the market today. Responsible for a lot of Tournament victories all over the United States. The Bustin Hogs are slim, but bulky baits with tails, wings and arms for extra motion and water disturbance. Made to resemble a 5 Star Meal of your favorite fish species,  yet durable enough to stand up to getting bit again and again.

We offer a plethora of colors in the Bustin Hog so there's sure to be a bait to help you catch fish no matter where you are in the world. Flip these baits or use them on Carolina rigs anywhere you would throw a lizard or stick bait.

This bait can also make a fantastic jig trailer, or use them on your favorite shaky head and drag across the bottom. Use your imagination and catch more fish with the Hendrix Bustin Hog! 

Length: 4 Inch

QTY Per Pack: 8

Scented in Anise 


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