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Mike's Salmon Eggs

Mike's Salmon Eggs

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Mike's Shrimp Eggs

Mike's best-selling salmon eggs and for good reason, Mike's Shrimp Eggs continue to prove their effectiveness season-after-season. Large jumbo-sized egg packed in our own natural shrimp flavoring. Perfect texture, soft to entice fish to strike, yet firm and elastic enough to stay on the hook even in fast moving water. With five colors to choose from, you are sure to be successful in all fishing conditions.

 Mike's King Deluxe Eggs

Mike's King Deluxe - extra large eggs - are preferred by trout anglers worldwide!  Our unique processing assures skin firmness, greatly reducing egg loss in turbulent water.  These eggs also feature a soft texture that trout consistently strike on.

 Mike's Cheese Eggs

 A classic that remains a favorite with anglers today. Mike's Cheese Eggs are large, top-quality salmon eggs processed and packed in our special cheese flavoring. Fluorescent golden color makes this egg highly visible in any type of water. Combination of cheese flavoring and fluorescent color helps attract trout from greater distances. Excellent choice for stream, river or lake fishing.

 Mike's UV Glo Eggs

 Fish eat what they can see, smell and taste. Mike's UV Glo Eggs combine everything trout need to feed. UV Glo Eggs are natural salmon eggs comvined with tempting scents and enhanced with UV visibility. Attracts fish from greater distances and produces aggressive strikes in all water conditions.

 Mike's Garlic Eggs

 Garlic scented eggs have emerged as a powerful choice in catching trout. Top quality eggs packed in a special garlic oil. Combination of fluorescent colors and garlic scent will attract trout through sense of smell, sight and taste.

 Mike's Nightcrawler Eggs

 Large size, top-quality egg packed in a special nightcrawler oil. Combination of nightcrawler scent and natural salmon egg will attract even the wariest of trout.

 Mike's Corn Eggs

 Trout love corn! On those rare days when trout aren't biting Mike's Shrimp Eggs, Cheese Eggs or Garlic Eggs, then it's time to try Mike's Corn Eggs. Mike's Corn Eggs are a jumbo size egg packed in a special corn oil. Combination of fluorescent yellow color and corn scent make this a favorite for rainbow trout.

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